History SNP

Company Overview

Siam Nippon Industrial Paper Co., Ltd. (SNP), the manufacturer of Machined Glazed Paper used in hygienic packaging with applications in the food and medical industry. The Company was established from the joint investment between Thai Paper Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCG Paper and Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (NPI) together with NP Trading Co., Ltd. (NPT), the subsidiaries of Nippon Paper Group (NPG), Japan since July 10, 2012.

Located in Ratchaburi Province, the plant has a capacity of 43,000 tons per year.

Siam Nippon Industrial Paper Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of the machine glazed paper with an elite selection of the raw materials, installation of new machines produced by the global paper machine specialist, production control in closed building system to ensure that the products are hygienic, safe, according to the standards for packaging of food and medical industries.

The Company starts its production in the first quarter of the year 2014, mainly targeting the Asian countries and Australia for exportation, then will sooner expand its market range to Europe and America.