GM Message

We are committed to be your competent
and sustainable business partner

“We aim to continuous improvement. For growing firmly and sustainability of business partners and our society”

Since established in 2012, amid trade wars, currency and economic volatility, raw material prices turbulence and the disease pandemic, we would like to thankful all clients and business partners for your continued support.

We pledged and committed that we strive to be a good governance organization whom invent and develop products and service to serve the customers’ concerning for product safety, health and hygienic, more environmental friendly. We also continuous for production technology and entire supply chain development to continuously serve customer expectation and requirement.

The human resources development is also one of importance key to enhance our employee to continue improve their skills and new capabilities for any challenge to come and a good collaboration to delivers value beyond expectations and create customer trust continuously.

From the past achievements, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all shareholders, suppliers, contractors, clients, and all other relevant parties for your continued contributions and support toward SNP. We humbly hope that we are able to continue relying on your support and grow firmly and sustainability together.

Chayapol Boonlert General Manager

History of Siam Nippon Paper Co.,Ltd.

Siam Nippon Industrial Paper Co., Ltd. (SNP) the leading manufacturer of Machined Glazed Paper in Southeast Asian, was established since July 10, 2012, is the joint venture between Thai Paper Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCG Packaging and Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (NPI) together with NP Trading Co., Ltd. (NPT), the subsidiaries of Nippon Paper Group (NPG), Japan.

The factory is located in SCG Packaging Ban Pong Complex, Ratchaburi Province, the plant has a capacity of 43,000 tons per year.

Siam Nippon Industrial Paper Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of the machine glazed paper with an elite selection of the raw materials, installation of brand new machines produced by the global paper machine specialist and with regularly maintenance schedule. Our products were produced in a production control in closed building system to ensure that the products are hygienic, safe, according to the standards for packaging of food and medical industries. Moreover, we also produce machine glazed paper which can use in textile printing industry and stainless industry as well.


Collaboration for operation.

Siam Nippon Industrial Paper Co., Ltd is located in SCG Packaging Ban Pong Complex, Ratchaburi Province.

To locate in the complex is providing SNP for operational support to use share facilities and services such as Energy service, Maintenance unit, R&D and Laboratory service, Safety and Occupational Health service, Procurement service to ensure that SNP’s production process and quality control can run more smoothly and efficiently.

SNP’s Quality Policy

“Adherence to manufacturing Machined Glazed Paper of high quality and safety compliance through continuous improvement in order to satisfy needs, expectations, and trust of our customers.”

More Confidence With


ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

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GMP Certificate

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ISEGA_59006e certification

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FSCTM Certificate (License code number FSCTM C135609)

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Stable Supply for Export Business

Siam Nippon Industrial Paper Co., Ltd.; SNP strive to serve customer expectation and requirement of logistics to deliver quickly, correctly, precisely, and stable supply.

The collaboration and business network from both parent companies contribute to SNP for enhancing logistic capability and speed. Especially for Southeast Asia and East Asia region which SNP has the expertise and capacity for quick delivery.

Circular Economy is one of the concepts we implement by utilization of im-ex container for efficient use of resources environmental friendly.